Preparing effective handouts for presentations

Preparing for a presentation involves more than just creating slides and talking in front of a crowd. You also want to provide your audience with food for later thought in the form of handouts.

Consider two things when you create handouts: how to assemble and print them, and what you want them to say. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 has several features that help you create and print handouts based on your presentation and the supplemental notes contained in it. Learn to take advantage of PowerPoint to export presentations directly to Microsoft Office Word 2003 without copying and pasting.

What do you want your handouts to say? From the information that follows, you can learn the characteristics of an effective handout. Almost always, a handout should do more than just repeat the points of your presentation. Handouts should inspire the members of your audience to take action and should give them the resources they need to do so. Your presentation is just the first stage in a larger transfer of information from you to your audience  — handouts give presentation attendees a road map to continued learning after your presentation.

Use these resources to make creating handouts easier for you and to make the information on handouts more relevant to your audience.

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    Don't let your audience walk away with useless handouts. Annette Marquis of TRIAD Consulting shows you how to maximize your message on paper.
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    Learn how PowerPoint notes can help you place supplemental information in your presentation for your own use or for handouts.
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    Create instant handouts of your PowerPoint slides.
  • Print handouts (Article)
    Format your PowerPoint handouts in the way you want them before you print them.
  • Datasheet (closeup) (Template)
    Use this datasheet template as inspiration for changing the look and feel of your next presentation handouts.
Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, Word 2003