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Mail merge II: Use the Ribbon and perform a complex mail merge

Mail merge letter

You can use several types of fields in a mail merge.

After you get the hang of a basic mail merge, you can try something more complex. For example, you might want to tailor your correspondence to add a personalized note in a form letter. You might also want to add a coupon and add sequential numbers, and tell some customers to bring in the coupon and others to mail it in to the store. Or how about making your fields stand out by formatting them in a distinctive color or font? This is possible too.

The picture shows several types of fields that can be used in a mail merge.

Callout 1 Address Block
Callout 2 Greeting Line
Callout 3 If...Then...Else
Callout 4 Personal Note
Callout 5 Merge Record #
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