Online document creation with Word Online

Use Word Online to create an online Word document that you can work on from anywhere and easily share with others. If you have a Microsoft account like Xbox Live or Hotmail, you can start right now by signing in to OneDrive and giving the doc a name.

Word Online has the essentials for putting together a school report, newsletter article, resume, or other type of document. Use it the same way you use Word: type and format text, add and format pictures, and check your spelling. Word Online doesn’t have everything that the Word desktop application has, though.

If you need more advanced features, like a table of contents that updates automatically or page numbers in the footer, you’ll have to open the document in Word on your computer. In the Word Online, click Open in Word, near the top of the screen.

Open in Word command

When you save the document in Word, it’s saved where you created it, on your OneDrive.

Work with others online

With your document in OneDrive, you can work on it with others. Send them a link, and they can work on the document in their browser or in Word. If you’re in the file at the same time, you’ll see each other’s presence.

Multiple authors in Word Online

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Applies to:
Office 2013