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Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document

Insertion point in Word document being moved and scroll bars in Word window

Fig. 1  You can move the insertion point around a document by moving the pointer and then clicking, or by using the keyboard.
Fig. 2  You can review a document without using the insertion point or keyboard, by using the scroll bars.
Callout 1 Horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window.
Callout 2 Vertical scroll bar on the right side.

Imagine, in the picture on the left, that you want to enter another sentence after the word "civilization" in the letter.

The insertion point is at the top, to the left of "Thank you," so you need to get it next to where you want to type. There are different ways to do that:

  • With your mouse, move the pointer to the right of the word "civilization," and then click. The insertion point, shown as a blinking line, indicates the point at which text will be inserted when you type. Once you start typing, the existing text moves to the right as you enter the new sentence.

Note     If text doesn't move to the right, Overtype mode is on, and each character you type will replace existing text. If this happens, press the Insert key. Then type.

  • Press the DOWN ARROW key to move the insertion point down one line at a time. Then press the RIGHT ARROW key to move the insertion point forward, one character at a time. Or press CTRL+RIGHT ARROW to move forward one word at a time.

Tip     For a full list of the keys you can use to move around the page, type keyboard shortcuts in the Type a question for help box, in the upper-right corner of the document window.

Using the scroll bars

Perhaps you have a long document that you'd like to read all the way down or across without having to continuously press the arrow keys to move the insertion point one character or one line at a time. You can do that by scrolling.

Scrolling is performed through the use of scroll bars. The scroll bars are on the bottom of the window and on the right side (see picture). Click the arrows at both ends of the scroll bar to quickly move through the document without moving the insertion point.

You can also press the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN keys on your keyboard to do the same thing. We'll try all of this in the practice at the end of the lesson.

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