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Office security basics

Security dialog box showing the Security Level tab

To set macro security levels in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, click the Macro Security button on the Security tab of the Options dialog box, and then click your desired security level.

You can set up Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to detect macros. These programs have a variety of security levels for macros so that you can choose the level that you are at ease with.

Very High     All macros will be disabled even if they have valid digital certificates. This setting also disables all Com add-ins and Smart Tag .dlls, which you might need for Office programs to work as you expect.

High     Unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise, High is probably the setting you should use. This is the default setting. Although macros from your trusted sources will run, you'll be prompted about unknown but signed macros, and unsigned macros will be disabled.

Medium     Macros from trusted sources will run, but you'll be prompted about all unknown macros, including unsigned ones.

Low     You should be very sure about using this setting. You will not receive any prompts or warnings. All macros will run.

The various programs can have different security levels set up. So make sure you check Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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