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Bullets, numbers, and lists

Mulitlevel list showing four different indentations and list levels

The key to understanding multilevel lists is to understand list levels. A single-level list has everything at level one, but after you add a list under one item you have list at level two. Each new list within a list creates a new list level.

Note     Do not rely on indentation to show list levels, because you can change indentation, as you'll see in a moment. To see all the items at a particular list level, click on one of the bullets or numbers in that level to highlight all of the items at that level.

Create a multilevel list by typing or by using the commands on the Ribbon exactly as you did with the single-level lists. So start with a bullet or number, enter your first item, and then press ENTER. When you're ready to start the next level, press the Increase Indent button Button image, type the first list item of that level, and then press ENTER.

When you're working with different list levels, you can move between the levels using the Increase Indent button Button image and Decrease Indent button Button image on the Ribbon. You can also increase and decrease indents by using keystrokes: Press TAB to increase the indent, and press SHIFT+TAB to decrease it. You'll try both of these methods in the practice session.

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