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Audio course: Revise documents with Track Changes and comments

Revisions with Track Changes

Track Changes displays each change with special formatting. Here are tracked changes in Print Layout view.
Callout 1 Formatting change.
Callout 2 Inserted text.
Callout 3 Deleted text.

After Track Changes is turned on, you work as you normally do in Word. Insert text or delete it, move text or graphics, or change formatting. Each change appears in the document with markup, colors and lines and pointers and notes that show you where each revision goes, and what it is.

Deleted text and formatting changes appear in balloons, ovals in the document margin, with lines from the text to the balloons to show where these changes were made.

Inserted text is underlined and in its own color.

A vertical line appears in the left margin beside lines with changes in them.

Changes can be displayed in another way that you'll see later in the lesson.

Tip     TRK appears in the status bar at the bottom of your document when Track Changes is turned on; when changes are not being tracked, it appears dimmed.

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