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Revise documents with Track Changes and Comments in Word 2007

ScreenTip with reviewer's name; different colored comment balloons

Callout 1 See who made a comment by moving the mouse pointer over it in the document.
Callout 2 One color for Pilar Pinilla's comments (PP).
Callout 3 A different color for Richard Bready's comments (RB).

When more than one person reviews a document, you might want to know what changes were made by which reviewer. Here are some ways to tell who did what.

Move the pointer over the inserted text in the document, or over the deleted text balloons in the document margin. For each revision, you'll see a ScreenTip that lists the name of the reviewer and the type of the revision, such as "deleted" or "inserted." The ScreenTip also displays the deleted or inserted text.

Another way to distinguish one reviewer from another is by color. Word automatically assigns each reviewer a markup color, which you see as soon as you make your first revision or enter your first comment. For example, your color might be blue, and the color for another reviewer might be green. To find your own changes and comments, you would look for blue markup throughout the document.

As noted in the last section, you can tell who made comments by the reviewer initials in each comment balloon.

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