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Table of Contents I: Create a basic TOC

Document with text marked for TOC inclusion and completed TOC

In your document, manually mark the text you want in the TOC. Use Word to collect the marked text into one place — the TOC.

There are two steps to creating a TOC in Word:

  1. Mark the text in your document that you want in the TOC. Marking the text is a way of identifying a particular chunk of text, such as a chapter title or section heading, that will be included in the TOC.
  2. Collect that marked text together in one place.

You can mark text as you write it. If the sentence you're writing is a new chapter title, mark it right away. That way you don't have to go over the complete document to mark the text entries you want in the TOC (though that's possible, too).

Tip    For optimum readability the text you mark for your TOC should be concise and descriptive to tell readers what is in a particular section.

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