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Revise documents with Track Changes and Comments in Word 2007

Show Markup menu

Be sure that all items on the Show Markup menu have a check mark next to them.

As mentioned earlier, hiding tracked changes (or comments) does not delete markup. It just lets you see the document without having to wade through underlines and balloons. If you save and close a document with hidden markup, you (and maybe someone else, too) will see revisions and comments when the document is opened again.

Here are some ways to see if a document contains hidden tracked changes or comments before you close it. Doing this is especially important if you are about to distribute a document.

  • On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, click Show Markup. Make sure there is a check mark next to Comments, Ink (for handwritten notes with a Tablet PC), Insertions and Deletions, and Formatting.
  • Point to Reviewers on the Show Markup menu, and be sure there is a check mark next to All Reviewers.

Check marks next to all these items on Show Markup mean that all markup will appear in the document.

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