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Headers and footers: From basic to elaborate

Three pages of a document, the first page has a different header to the rest of the document

The first page of this document has no header or footer.

You can add a touch of professionalism to your document by designing an impressive title page with a different header and footer—or none at all. For instance, it's common not to include a page number on the title page of a document.

This is all done from the Header and Footer toolbar. You click the Page Setup button Button image and then, on the Layout tab, select the Different first page check box.

The document's first-page header and footer areas will now have text above them saying "First Page Header" and "First Page Footer." (This text is for your benefit only, and only appears in the header and footer view. It does not appear in the document.) Now you just type in your first-page header or footer. If you would like to have no header or footer on the first page, just leave the area blank.

Now that the first page has a different header and footer, you can go ahead and create something special for this page.

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