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Mail merge II: Use the Ribbon and perform a complex mail merge

Mailings tab with groups numbered

Proceed from left to right on the Mailings tab to complete a mail merge.

The Mailings tab on the Ribbon is where you can perform a mail merge by using these four groups:

Callout 1 Start Mail Merge This is the beginning point where you pick a document type and then select, create, or edit the recipient list.
Callout 2 Write & Insert Fields Here's where you can insert the fields and if necessary map your fields to your recipient list.
Callout 3 Preview Results View the individual merged documents before you complete the merge.
Callout 4 Finish Complete the merge and combine your individual documents into one comprehensive document, or print them out, or send electronically.

You begin with the Start Mail Merge command and then progress to the right across the Ribbon to complete the mail merge at the Finish group.

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