Getting started with e-mail

E-mail is quickly becoming a leading method of communication in the workplace. If you are new to using e-mail, this might seem daunting, but improving your e-mail skills is easier than you think.

First, make sure you are familiar with e-mail etiquette. Although an e-mail message is generally less formal than a traditional business letter, there is still a set of commonly recommended e-mail rules to consider.

Next, you can learn how to take advantage of the tools in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. Did you know that all the familiar formatting features of Microsoft Office Word 2003 are also available to you in Outlook for writing e-mail messages? You can even create a custom signature that is automatically added to every message you send. And just like the other programs in the Microsoft Office System, Outlook includes many keyboard shortcuts to help you complete common tasks more quickly.

The following links will help you make the most of your e-mail communications.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003, Word 2003