Field codes: NoteRef field

The NoteRef field inserts a footnote or endnote reference mark that you've marked with a bookmark (bookmark: A location or selection of text in a file that you name for reference purposes. Bookmarks identify a location within your file that you can later refer or link to.) to make multiple references to the same note or to cross-reference footnotes or endnotes. If you modify the sequence of footnotes or endnotes, the new result of the NoteRef field reflects the new numbering.

The NoteRef field replaces the FtnRef field used in earlier versions of Word. If you open a document that contains FtnRef fields, the fields remain in the document and function correctly.


When you view the NoteRef field in your document, the syntax looks like this:

{ NOTEREF Bookmark [Switches] }

 Note    A field code tells the field what to show. Field results are what’s shown in the document after having evaluated the field code. To toggle between viewing the field code and the field code results, press Alt+F9.



The name of the bookmark that refers to the footnote or endnote reference mark. The bookmark must refer to the reference mark in the document text, not in the footnote or endnote window. If the bookmark doesn't exist, you must create it.



Inserts the reference mark with the same character formatting (character formatting: Formatting you can apply to selected text characters.) as the Footnote Reference style (style: A combination of formatting characteristics, such as font, font size, and indentation, that you name and store as a set. When you apply a style, all of the formatting instructions in that style are applied at one time.) or the Endnote Reference style.


Inserts a hyperlink (hyperlink: A word, phrase, picture, icon, symbol or other element in a computer document or webpage on which a user may click to move to another part of the document or webpage or to open another document, webpage, or file.) to the bookmarked footnote.


Inserts the relative position of the footnote or endnote.

If the NoteRef field appears in the document before the bookmark, it evaluates to "below."

If the NoteRef field appears after the bookmark, it evaluates to "above."

If the NoteRef field appears within the bookmark, an error is returned.


The following text and field appear in a footnote of a document. The bookmark "Brun" marks the footnote reference mark for footnote 3:

"This process is discussed in Brun's new book (see note { NOTEREF Brun } )."

When the field is updated, the footnote number is displayed:

"This process is discussed in Brun's new book (see note 3)."

Applies to:
Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003