Enable editing of multiple languages

  1. In Microsoft Windows, click Start, point to Programs or All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings.
  2. Click the Enabled Languages tab.
  3. In the Available languages box, select the language you want to enable.

If you do not see the language that you want, or if you see (limited support) next to a language in the Available languages box, you may need to install additional system support for the language. The available support depends on your operating system.

For more information about system support for languages, click a link in the See Also section, which is visible when you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Click Add.

If any Microsoft Office programs are running, the Language Settings tool notifies you and automatically closes the programs. The features for the language you enabled appear the next time you start an Office program.

Applies to:
Word 2003