Discontinued features and modified functionality in Word 2010

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office Word 2007 or earlier versions of Microsoft Word, the following list describes features and functionality that have been discontinued or changed in Microsoft Word 2010.

  • AutoSummary    The AutoSummary feature, which listed the Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, and Comments, is not available in Word 2010. If you inserted an abstract into the document, the abstract will remain. If the document was saved in a summary view, it will be in a different view the next time you open it.
  • Clip Art task pane    Several changes have been made to the Clip Art task pane:
    • Search in box    The Search in box is no longer available, which means that you can no longer limit your search to specific collections of content. To narrow your search, you can use multiple search terms in the Search for box.
    • Organize clips link    The Organize clips link is no longer available. To open Microsoft Clip Organizer from Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, click the Windows Start button, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office, click Microsoft Office 2010 Tools, and then click Microsoft Clip Organizer.
  • Clip Organizer    Clip Organizer is no longer accessible directly from the Clip Art task pane in Microsoft Office programs. In addition, the following changes were made to Clip Organizer:
    • Automatic organization    The command for automatically finding media files on your computer and organizing them into collections no longer exists. However, you can still add clips manually to Clip Organizer or import them from a scanner or camera.
    • Send to e-mail recipient as attachment    The command for sending a clip as an attachment in e-mail message is no longer available.
    • Delete from collection    Although you can delete clips from Clip Organizer, you can no longer delete a clip from a specific collection.
    • Find similar style    The command that allowed you to find clips of a similar style is no longer available.
    • List and Details views    The List and Details views are no longer available. Instead, all clips appear as thumbnails in the Clip Organizer window.
  • Document Map    The Document map is replaced by the Navigation pane in Word 2010. The Navigation pane supports all of the Document Map features except the ability to see revision marks on headings within the pane. Instead, you can see the final result of the revisions within the pane.
  • Document Workspaces    In Word 2010, Document Workspaces are not available. Instead, Word supports simultaneous editing in documents that are saved to a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 site.
  • Encarta Encyclopedia Research service    The Encarta Encyclopedia Research service is no longer available, and queries to it will not return any results.
  • Ichitaro Converter    The converter for the Japanese version is no longer available in the File type list of the Open dialog box. A separate download may become available in the Office.com Download Center at a later date.
  • Letter Wizard    The Letter Wizard is no longer available in the Japanese version of Word. The three templates that the wizard used will be available on Office.com.
  • Mail merge using a Microsoft Works database    You cannot perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word 2010 with a Microsoft Works database. You can export the data from Works and then import it into a new data source for your mail merge operations.
  • Memo Wizard    The Memo Wizard is no longer available in the Japanese version of Word. The three templates that the wizard used will be available on Office.com.
  • Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI)    In Word 2010, MODI is not available, although a separate 32-bit version of the TIF converter will be available as a separate Web download. The Internet Fax feature in Word 2010 uses the Windows Fax printer driver to generate TIF files.
  • OASYS Converter    The converter for the Japanese version is no longer available in the File type list of the Open dialog box.
  • Print Preview    The Print Preview experience in earlier versions of Word has been replaced by a preview in the Print area of the Microsoft Office Backstage view.
  • Research and Reference pane    The Research and Reference pane is not available in Windows Internet Explorer 7. Therefore, the shortcut Alt+Click in Microsoft Word 2010 does not open the Research and Reference pane in the browser.
  • RTF file format    Word 2010 features and functionality are lost when a document is saved in the Rich Text Format (RTF) file format.
  • Search Libraries button    The Search Library buttons that appeared under Insert Citations in Word 2007 is not available in Word 2010.
  • Smart tags    Text is no longer automatically recognized and displayed with a dotted purple line. Instead, you can perform different actions by selecting the text, right-clicking, and then clicking Additional Actions on the shortcut menu. In addition, The Person Name recognition that was based on Outlook Contacts is no longer available. It’s replaced by an action that identifies names based on your Office Communicator contacts.
  • Table Header feature    The Table Header feature for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean is no longer available.

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