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Tables II: Table Tricks

When you delete a table, you delete the structure and its contents.

Find the Delete functions on the Layout tab.

You've learned how to remove a table and keep the text, but what if you want to delete a table? What if you want to delete a column or row?

The Delete key on your keyboard just deletes the text in your table or parts of your table, but there is a way to delete text and structure all at once.

You learned about deleting rows and columns in "Tables I: Create a table," but there's also an option to delete the whole table. Put your cursor anywhere in the table that you want to delete, and then click Delete Table from the Rows and Columns group in the Layout tab. Be careful and know that you don't want the information in the table — your deletions do not move to the clipboard.

Using the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard will also delete the table and its contents.

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