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Tables II: Table Tricks

Convert text to table with the Text to Table command.

Use tabs, commas, or other special characters to separate information in a table.

Now that you've seen how a table can help you organize information and how easy it is to format, you might want to make a table out of text already in a document.

The first step you do when converting text to a table is to decide what character to use to separate the columns. Common characters to use are tabs and commas, but you can use others. Paragraph marks are what separate the rows. Make sure that the character and paragraph marks are between the parts of the text that you want to convert to a table.

Next, highlight all the text you want converted, click Table from the Tables group of the Insert tab, and then click Convert Text to Table.

In the Convert to Text box, specify the number of columns and rows in your table, the AutoFit behavior (see Tables I: Get acquainted with tables), and the character that you used to split the text into columns. Click OK. If your table isn't what you've expected, confirm that you have characters where you want the columns.

You can use this command to format into a table a comma-delimited file that you've exported from another software program, such as from a database.

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