Copy or move linked text boxes

You can copy or move a story (story: Text that's contained within a single text box or a chain of linked text boxes.) to another document or to another location in the same document. You must include all the linked text boxes in a story.

  1. Switch to print layout view (Print Layout view: A view of a document or other object as it will appear when you print it. For example, items such as headers, footnotes, columns, and text boxes appear in their actual positions.).
  2. Select the first text box in a story. To do this, move the pointer over the border of the text box until the pointer becomes a four-headed arrow, and then click the border.
  3. Hold down SHIFT and select each additional text box you want to copy or move.
  4. On the Standard toolbar (toolbar: A bar with buttons and options that you use to carry out commands. To display a toolbar, press ALT and then SHIFT+F10.), click Copy Button image or Cut Button image.
  5. Click where you want to copy or move the text boxes.
  6. On the Standard toolbar, click Paste Button image.

 Note   To copy or move some text from a story without copying the text box, select the text you want, and then copy or cut it. Do not select the text box.

Applies to:
Word 2003