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Create footnotes and endnotes

The note pane is visible at the bottom of the window when you work in normal view

The note pane is visible at the bottom of the page when you click Normal on the View menu and then click Footnotes.

After you've inserted either footnotes or endnotes, you can convert them. This is handy, for example, if a footnote ends up being very long and you want to make it into an endnote instead.

To convert footnotes to endnotes, or vice versa, work in the note pane in the bottom of the document window:

  1. In normal view (View menu, Normal), click Footnotes on the View menu. If a message appears, click View footnote area or View endnote area, and then click OK.
  2. In the note pane, click the arrow to open the drop-down list, and then click either All Footnotes or All Endnotes to display the notes you want to convert.
  3. Select the note reference mark of the note you want to convert, right-click, and then click Convert to Footnote or Convert to Endnote. Do this for each note you want to convert.

You can also convert all of your footnotes to endnotes, or vice versa, at one time. The steps are in the Quick Reference Card.

Tip     In the note pane you can also scroll through all the footnotes or endnotes in the document.

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