Convert footnotes to endnotes and vice versa

After you insert footnotes in a document, you can change them to endnotes, and vice versa.

ShowConvert one or more notes to footnotes or endnotes

  1. Switch to normal view (normal view: A view that shows text formatting and a simplified page layout. Normal view is convenient for most editing and formatting tasks.).
  2. On the View menu, click Footnotes.

If your document contains both footnotes and endnotes, a message appears. Click View footnote area or View endnote area, and then click OK.

  1. In the note pane, click All Footnotes or All Endnotes.
  2. Select the notes you want to convert, and then right-click.
  3. Click Convert to Footnote or Convert to Endnote.

ShowConvert all notes to footnotes or endnotes

  1. On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Footnote.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Click the option you want, and then click OK.
  4. Click Close.
Applies to:
Word 2003