Convert footnotes to endnotes and vice versa

If you want to change the footnotes and endnotes you inserted to a different kind of note, you can convert them.

To change a footnote to an endnote, right-click the footnote text and click Convert to Endnote.

To change an endnote to a footnote, right-click the endnote text and click Convert to Footnote.

To convert a group of footnotes or endnotes, select them before you right-click.

 Tip    To see all your footnotes or endnotes at once, click View > Draft, and then click References > Show Notes. In the Notes pane, click the list next to Footnotes and click All Footnotes or All Endnotes. Then right-click the footnotes or endnotes you want to convert.

Convert all footnotes or endnotes.

  1. Click References and then click the small arrow to open the Footnote and Endnote box.
  2. Click Footnotes or Endnotes.
  3. Click Convert.

Convert button

  1. Click the option you want.

Convert Notes box

You can convert footnotes to endnotes, endnotes to footnotes, or you can convert both at the same time by clicking Swap footnotes and endnotes.

  1. Click OK and click Insert.
Applies to:
Word 2013