Convert a text box to a frame and vice versa

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You must use frames (frame: A container that you can resize and position anywhere on the page. To position text or graphics that contain comments, footnotes, endnotes, or certain fields, you must use a frame instead of a text box.) to position text that contains a note reference mark (note reference mark: A number, character, or combination of characters that indicates that additional information is contained in a footnote or endnote.), a comment mark (comment mark: Each time you add a comment to a document, Microsoft Word inserts a comment mark in the document. Comment marks appear when you click Markup on the View menu.), or certain fields (field: A set of codes that instructs Microsoft Word to insert text, graphics, page numbers, and other material into a document automatically. For example, the DATE field inserts the current date.), including AUTONUM, AUTONUMLGL, AUTONUMOUT — used for numbering lists and paragraphs in legal documents and outlines — TC (Table of Contents Entry), TOC (Table of Contents), RD (Referenced Document), XE (Index Entry), TA (Table of Authorities Entry), and TOA (Table of Authority) fields.

You can convert a text box to a frame and vice versa without recreating the frame's contents.

ShowConvert a text box to a frame

If the text box (text box: A movable, resizable container for text or graphics. Use text boxes to position several blocks of text on a page or to give text a different orientation from other text in the document.) is on a drawing canvas (drawing canvas: An area on which you can draw multiple shapes. Because the shapes are contained within the drawing canvas, they can be moved and resized as a unit.), you must drag it off to complete this procedure.

  1. Select the text box.
  2. On the Format menu, click Text Box, and then click the Text Box tab.
  3. Click Convert to Frame.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Position the frame in your document.

 Note   You can use the Frame command (Format menu) to select the same options you did in earlier versions of Word. For example, you can specify that text either surround the frame or flow above and below the frame.

ShowReplace a frame with a text box

To replace a frame with a text box, do the following:

  1. On the Insert menu, click Text Box.
  2. Click and drag to insert and size a text box in the document.
  3. Use Cut Button image and Paste Button image to insert the contents of the frame into the text box.
Applies to:
Word 2003