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Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings

Completing mail merge

In Step 6 you complete the merge.

When you're satisfied with previews of the merged documents, you're ready to print the final results. Click Print to open the Merge to Printer dialog box.

Last minute changes?

If you still want one more chance to review the results, or if you want to customize selected envelopes, click Edit individual envelopes in the wizard.

This creates a separate comprehensive merge that contains all the envelopes in a new Word document. After you review or modify the envelopes in this comprehensive document, you can print them immediately.

Or, just save the document and print the envelopes later. If you want to keep the changes you made to individual envelopes, make sure you save this document. This comprehensive document is separate from the main document and will be larger in size.

Caution     If you create a set of merged e-mail messages, preview the messages carefully before you complete the merge. With e-mail messages, you won't have the option of creating a separate comprehensive document. After you click Electronic Mail in the wizard and identify the column in your recipient list that contains the recipients' e-mail addresses, the messages get sent.

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