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Bullets, numbers, and lists

Bullet Library

If you have a bulleted list that uses the same dull, boring black circles, there's good news: You can change the bullet design to one of many different built-in designs. Simply click the arrow next to the Bullets button to see the Bullet Library.

There's even more good news: If none of those designs appeal to you, you can create your own by clicking Define New Bullet at the bottom of the dialog box.

There are two types of bullet you can design: symbol and picture. Symbol bullets use a character from a font; for example, Webdings and Wingdings such as these Font symbols are popular fonts for bullet symbols. You must have the font available on your computer to be able to use the symbols from that font, so don't use anything too unusual if you want to send the document to others who might not have the same fonts installed. Picture bullets are just that, tiny little pictures. There are lots more designs for picture bullets available from Microsoft Office Online, and you can also create a brand new one with a tiny picture of your own. Just remember how small bullets are and don't try to use a complicated image.

There's a built-in Numbering Library too, and you use it in just the same way as the Bullet Library. You can change font characteristics, such as color, to create your own numbering or symbol bullet style.

Once you've added a new design, it will appear in the Bullet or Numbering library from then onwards, unless you remove it by right-clicking it and then clicking Remove.

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