Change link bars

When you edit a Web page containing link bars (link bars: A collection of graphic or text buttons representing hyperlinks to pages within your Web site and to external sites.) in Microsoft Word, the text edit links will appear next to the link bar. You click this text to modify link bars; the text will not appear when the page is viewed on the Web.

Do one of the following:

ShowAdd or change links

  1. Click edit links on your Web page.
  2. Do one or more of the following:
    • Click Add link to add more links.
    • Select a link and click Remove link to remove it.
    • Click Modify link to change the address or the display text for the link.
    • Click Move up or Move down to change the order of the links.

ShowChange the appearance

  1. Click edit links on your Web page, and then click the Style tab.
  2. In the Choose a style box, click the link style that you want.
  3. To apply more vivid colors to the text or background, select the Use Vivid Colors check box.
  4. To apply more detailed, and in some cases, animated graphics, select the Use Active Graphics check box.

Animations will display only when the page is viewed by a Web browser (Web browser: Software that interprets HTML files, formats them into Web pages, and displays them. A Web browser, such as Windows Internet Explorer, can follow hyperlinks, transfer files, and play sound or video files that are embedded in Web pages.).

 Note   If you have specified Use Page's Theme, you can also change the link bar appearance by changing the theme (theme: A set of unified design elements that provides a look for your document by using color, fonts, and graphics.).

ShowChange the orientation

  1. Click edit links on your Web page, and then click the Style tab.
  2. Select the Horizontal or Vertical check boxes to specify the orientation of your link bar on the Web page.
Applies to:
Word 2003