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Bullets, numbers, and lists

The Numbering button on the Ribbon, and a list in a Word document

Got the wrong type of list? Started with bullets but now think numbers would be better, or vice versa? Don't worry, it's easy to switch from one to the other. Just click somewhere in your list and then click the Bullets or Numbering button on the Ribbon.

You can also use these buttons to start new lists. Either click the button and start typing to create your first list item, or select the text you've already typed and click the Bullets or Numbering button to change each paragraph into a list item.

Note     Both of these buttons will "remember" what type of list you last used and will use the same type when you use these buttons again. So, if the last numbered list you used was actually a lettered one, you'll get another lettered list the next time you click the Numbering button. And if the last bullet design you used (more on designs in a moment) was a black square, that's what you'll get next time.

Tip     If you want to sort a list after creating it, for example, into alphabetical order, you can use the Sort button Button image in the Paragraph group on the Home tab of the Ribbon. Keep in mind that when you sort a numbered list, only the list items are sorted, not the numbers (so number 1 will still appear first, and so on). You'll get to try this in the practice session.

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