Building a successful project team

A successful project team starts with the project manager. Before your team begins to work on a project, you must have a vision for whom your team members will be, how they will communicate with one another, and how you will define for them the key goals of the project.

In the information that follows, you'll read about why a resource plan is the first place to start when you're assembling a project team. A resource plan helps you define your resource needs, including the roles and tasks of people working on your team. Teams can consist of people you choose, people appointed to your project, and workers whose time is shared with other projects. See how you can manage effectively in each situation.

You can use specific tools to assemble and manage an effective team, starting with the team operating agreement. This is a Microsoft Office Word 2003 template that will help you establish a documented framework for how your team should interact. You can also use Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 to enter and manage information about your project resources, including people.

By using smart tools and strategies, you can build and manage a project team that gets results.

  • Build effective project teams (Article)
    Jane Suchan, a certified Project Management Professional, shares her strategies for building and managing a project team that gets results.
  • Team operating agreement (Template)
    Use this template to establish standards of communication for your project team.
  • Goal: Build the project team (Article)
    Use Microsoft Office Project to establish your project team, set up lines of communication, and add resources.
Applies to:
Project 2003, Word 2003