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Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects

Examples of borders on picture, paragraph, and table

Try borders around various elements within a document. For example:

Callout 1 Use a border to make a picture stand out.
Callout 2 A border can nicely offset an important quotation.
Callout 3 And borders can be very effective in tables. Apply them to every cell if you want that look.

As with whole pages, you have a lot of border styles to choose from.

The methods for adding borders vary depending on what you're adding a border to. For a picture, Word 2007 offers a whole new set of picture styles that include borders as well as effects such as reflections and shading. You find these styles by selecting the picture and then working with the Picture Tools on the Ribbon.

For other graphics, such as tables, and for text, you'll find border options similar to those you'd use for page borders. These are opened from the Page Layout tab. In the practice session, you'll see how to find and apply them.

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