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Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document

A blank Word document, with Document 1 highlighted in the title bar at the top of the window, and the insertion point highlighted in the document

A blank document, ready for you to type in.
Callout 1 The first document you open is called Document1 in the title bar at the top of the window.
Callout 2 The menu bar. The File menu is the first one on the left.
Callout 3 The Standard and Formatting toolbars.
Callout 4 The insertion point.

When you start Word, a new file opens. That file is called a document. Above the document you'll see the menu bar and the toolbars displayed across the top of the window, as shown in the illustration.

If you've already started Word, you create a new document by clicking New on the File menu. In the New Document task pane that opens, click Blank document.

In the upper-left corner of the document, or page, is the insertion point, a blinking vertical line. The first thing you type will appear there. You can start further down the page if you want to by pressing ENTER until the insertion point is where you want the first line to begin. As you type, the insertion point moves to the right.

If you're typing a letter, you might start by typing the date. After that, press ENTER to move the insertion point down the page one line.

If there's an address, you might add a few empty lines before you type. Press ENTER several times, until the insertion point is where you want it. Then type the first line of the address, press ENTER, type the next line, press ENTER, and so on. Then type the greeting.

When you type the body of the letter, if you want to indent the first line of a paragraph, you can do that by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard to move the insertion point one-half inch to the right.

Go ahead and type. When you get to the end of the first line, you don't have to press ENTER, as you would if you were using a typewriter; Word takes care of that for you. Just continue to type. Whatever you are typing will continue on to the next line.

You do press ENTER to start another paragraph.

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