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Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document

Word document and a printer

Before you print, check the spelling in your document, and then preview before printing.

Before you print, you should check the spelling and grammar in the document. Even though Word checks spelling and grammar as you type, something might have been missed.

Make sure the insertion point is at the beginning of the document. Then, on the Standard toolbar, click Spelling and Grammar Button image. When Word finds a possible spelling or grammatical problem, the Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears, where you can accept or reject Word's suggestions.

Preview your document before printing

Save time and save paper by previewing your document in print preview before you print.

On the File menu, click Print Preview. This view gives you a more distant view of your document; a chance to step back and see exactly what it will look like when it prints.

If you see anything you want to revise, you can work on it in this view, too. To get back to your document, click Close. You'll see it all in the practice.

Print your document

On the File menu, click Print. If more than one printer is available to print from, you can select the one you want in the Name box. If you want to print more than 1 copy, choose how many under Copies, in the Number of copies box. Then click OK, and you're done.

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