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Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document

Click the Undo button to move the sentence that's selected back to its original location.

You've moved the sentence, but now that you look at it, you're not happy with the change. Fortunately, you don't have to go through the entire cut and paste process again to move the sentence back. Instead, one click will do it.

On the Standard toolbar, click the Undo button Button image. That will undo the very last action you took. Or press CTRL+Z to do the same thing.

And if you immediately decided you didn't want to undo the move, you can click the Redo button Button image to move the sentence back again. Or click CTRL+Y to do the same thing.

Click Play to watch the process of undoing.

If you had done some typing since the move, you can click the arrow on the button to see a list of the most recent actions you can undo or redo. When you undo or redo an action, you also undo or redo all actions above it in the list.

Note     You can save the document, and still undo and redo, but you can only make these changes up until you close the document. Once you reopen the document, you can only start to undo current changes.

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