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Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document

Sentence selected in document; Cut and Paste buttons on Standard toolbar

Callout 1 Select the text you want to move.
Callout 2 Click Cut.
Callout 3 Place the insertion point where you want the text to appear.
Callout 4 Click Paste.

Still looking at the first paragraph in the letter, you decide that the sentence you added should be the last sentence in the paragraph.

You don't have to delete the sentence, and then type it again. Instead, you can move the sentence. To move it, you cut the sentence, to delete it from its current location, and then paste it in a new location.

First, you select the entire sentence, as shown in the picture, and then click Cut Button image on the Standard toolbar, or press CTRL+X to the do same thing (think of the X as a scissor).

Then you move the pointer to the end of the paragraph, where you want the sentence to appear, and click to insert the insertion point.

Finally, click Paste Button image on the Standard toolbar, or press CTRL+V. The sentence is pasted in place. You'll learn how to do this in the practice.

Tip     If instead of moving the sentence to another location, you want it to appear in two (or more) places, copy it. Select the text you want to copy, click Copy Button image on the Standard toolbar, or press CTRL+C, and then click Paste. You can copy as many times as you want.

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