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Format your document with styles

Steps for applying heading style

Let’s say you want to apply a heading style. Here’s what you would do:

Callout 1 Click within the text you want the heading style to apply to.
Callout 2 Click the style you want in the Quick Styles gallery — here, Heading 1.
Callout 3 View how the text looks with the new heading style.

Note     You can see how it looks right in the Quick Styles gallery. If you want to preview the style in your document, hover your mouse over it.

The great thing about a style is that you can click it and apply it in multiple places at once. For example, you could select three different lines of text that you want to get the same heading style, and then just click the style once to apply it in all three places.

You could also modify that style later, and all the text styled with it would update instantly. More on that in lesson two.

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