Add more dimensions to your drawing objects in Word

Applies to
Microsoft Word 2002

You can add more dimension and depth to your drawing objects in Word by applying 3-D effects. You can change perspective, light sources, and depth of 3-D objects, so that it seems as if the viewer is looking at the object from different positions.

To give the object a different look, you can change surface effects. For example, you can apply a see-through wire-frame effect, which is helpful for showing the structure of an object.

The 3-D settings can be applied to objects that you create with the Microsoft Office XP drawing canvas and drawing tools, as well as many AutoShapes.

Add a 3-D effect to a drawing object

  1. Select the drawing object.
  2. On the Drawing toolbar, click 3-D.
  3. Select the 3-D style that you want.

 Tip   To change the appearance of the 3-D effect, select the object, click 3-D, click 3-D Settings, and then select the options you want on the 3-D Settings toolbar.

Examples of 3-D objects

The following are some examples of 3-D objects with descriptions of the effects that are applied to them.

Lightning bolt

Lightning bolt with 3-D effect

This 3-D bolt of lightning is an AutoShape (Basic Shapes category) with the Gold gradient fill and 3-D Style 10 applied.

Sun with wire-frame effect

Sun with wireframe effect

This drawing object is also an AutoShape (Basic Shapes category) with the wire-frame 3-D effect and 3-D Style 4 applied. This effect can be useful if you need to show the structure or interior of an object.


Drawing of buildings with 3-D effects

This drawing consists of several drawing objects. The 3-D Style 1 is applied to the three buildings and to the drawing canvas. The 3-D colors of the middle and right buildings are altered. A custom 12-point depth is applied to the structures on the roof of the middle building.