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Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects

Examples of border and shading effects and shape styles

Borders, shading, and decorative effects aren't just for holiday newsletters. Word gives you many ways to spruce up the look of your documents all year round.

Callout 1 Apply page borders for results ranging from playful to business-sharp.
Callout 2 For pictures, add new style effects, such as shadows and reflections, or simple borders.
Callout 3 Emphasize whole paragraphs with background shading and borders.
Callout 4 Choose from new table styles to instantly add color and formatting.
Callout 5 Give flair to shapes with new styles and fill effects.

Coordinate your colors     When you add decorative accents such as these, you'll want the colors you use to complement each other. Word 2007 includes themes that you can select for their color combinations so that all your page accents work well together. You'll learn more about these in the next practice session.

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