About using ink in Word

If you are using a Tablet PC, you can use a tablet pen (tablet pen: The pen that comes with a Tablet PC and is used to interact with the tablet screen.) to add ink (ink: The writing or drawing strokes made with a tablet pen or mouse.) to your Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents — in comments, in the content of a document, or as annotations about content that already exists in the document.

ShowMake handwritten comments

Use the Ink Comment command to make handwritten comments. You can view and edit handwritten comments in the comment balloon, and you can view them in the Reviewing Pane.

ShowWrite directly in a document

Use the Ink Drawing and Writing command to create handwritten or hand-drawn content in the document. For example, you can quickly sketch an idea or jot down a thought. You can resize or move the ink in your document in the same way that you would work with a graphic, such as a drawing object (drawing object: Any graphic you draw or insert, which can be changed and enhanced. Drawing objects include AutoShapes, curves, lines, and WordArt.) or a picture.

ShowAnnotate a document with handwriting

Use the Ink Annotations command to mark up the existing content of a document, similar to how you would mark up a document that is printed on paper. You can imagine the ink annotation as a separate layer of content, like an overlay, that you can show or hide.

Ink annotations

Button image The Ink Annotations toolbar includes buttons for marking up content and for showing and hiding markup.

Button image Place ink annotations directly on content in the document.

For the alignment of annotations and content to work, the layout of your document is important. Therefore, it is recommended that you insert ink annotations in print layout view (Print Layout view: A view of a document or other object as it will appear when you print it. For example, items such as headers, footnotes, columns, and text boxes appear in their actual positions.), especially if you intend to print the annotations.

 Note   You can mark up a document with ink in reading layout view (reading layout view: A view that is designed for reading documents on a computer screen. The document is resized to fit the screen and most toolbars are removed, but commands are available for navigating, commenting, and looking up words.), but if you expect to print the document or share it with others, use ink comments, or be sure to click Actual Page on the Reading Layout toolbar before you add ink annotations.

Ink annotations are anchored to paragraphs, so that if you add or remove paragraphs before or after the annotation, the annotation remains aligned correctly. However, if you add or remove content in the same paragraph, change margins or font size, or make other changes that change the layout of the document, the annotations may no longer align correctly. This is why the layout of the document is locked when you use ink annotations in reading layout view.

Applies to:
Word 2003