About the Document Map

The Document Map is a separate pane (pane: A portion of the document window bounded by and separated from other portions by vertical or horizontal bars.) that displays a list of headings in the document. Use the Document Map to quickly navigate through the document and keep track of your location in it.

A document with the Document Map displayed

Callout 1 Document Map pane

Callout 2 Document

When you click a heading in the Document Map, Microsoft Word jumps to the corresponding heading in the document, displays it at the top of the window, and highlights the heading in the Document Map.

You can choose the level of detail to display in the Document Map. For example, you can display all headings or only top-level headings, or show or hide detail for individual headings. You can also set the font and size of the headings in the Document Map and change the highlight color of the active heading.

The Document Map is different from a table of contents frames page (frames page: A Web page that divides a Web browser window into different scrollable areas that can independently display several Web pages. One window can remain unchanged, while the other windows change based on hyperlinks that the user selects.) for a Web page. Create a table of contents frames page when you need to publish a document for others to view in a Web browser or in Word.

Applies to:
Word 2003