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Create a document outline

Documents with outline numbering and in outline view, which are different

Applying outline list numbering is different from working in outline view.

You might be familiar with the outline numbering feature in Word, which applies outline numbering to different lines of text (for example, I, IIa, IIb, and so on). It's important to make clear that this type of outline numbering is different from outline view; the two serve different purposes and are not designed to work together.

  • Outline numbering is a hierarchical list numbering format that you apply to lines of text to help your readers follow the information. It's really a display aid.
  • Outline view is a working mode that helps you, the writer, lay out and organize your own ideas. Because outline view uses formatting to convey hierarchy, and not the added visuals of numbers and lettering, it offers a clearer, clutter-free way to work.

This course focuses on the latter. If you want to learn more about outline numbering, see online Help for Word.

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