Set a default view

When a user follows a hyperlink to a list (list: A Web site component that stores and displays information that users can add to by using their browsers. Requires a Web server that is running Windows SharePoint Services.), document library (document library: A folder where a collection of files is stored and the files often use the same template. Each file in a library is associated with user-defined information that is displayed in the content listing for that library.), or discussion board, the resulting page displays a default view. You can modify the default view or create a custom view to use as the default.

  1. On the page that displays the list, document library, or discussion board, click Modify settings and columns.
  2. Under Views, do one of the following:

ShowEdit the existing default view

  1. Click the existing default view.
  2. On the Edit View page, in the Name section, you can type a new view name and Web address for this view.

ShowCreate a new view to use as the default.

  1. Click Create a new view, and then click the type of view you want to create.
  2. On the Create View page, in the Name section, select the Make this the default view check box.

 Note    If you want to delete the existing default view, you must first make another view the default, and then clear the Make this the default view check box.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0