Work with large brainstorming diagrams

There are several ways you can work with large brainstorming diagrams to maximize space on the drawing page and to improve the appearance of your diagram.

You can:

ShowChange the layout style

On the Brainstorming menu, click Layout. In the Layout dialog box, under Select a Layout, click the layout style you want. Under Connectors, click Curved or Straight.Click Apply to view the changes in your diagram without exiting the dialog box, and click OK when you are done.

 Note   The selected layout applies to the current page of your diagram, including any topics you add later to that same page.

ShowMove a topic and its subordinates to a new page

Right-click a top-level topic in the section of your diagram that you want to move to another page, and then click Move Topic To New Page. In the Move Topics dialog box, under Move to, click New page. Type the name you want for the new page, or keep the default, and then click OK.

The top-level topic stays on the original drawing page with an arrow symbol to indicate that it also appears on another page. To go to the moved topic from the original page, right-click the topic, and then click Go to sub page.

 Tip   To move a topic without its subordinates, select the topic, and then copy and paste it onto the new drawing page.

ShowAutomatically arrange topics

On the Brainstorming menu, click Auto-Arrange Topics.