What you won't find in Microsoft Office Visio 2003

Some templates, tools, wizards, and filters that were available in Visio 2002 have been replaced by improved features or have been discontinued. Some are available from Microsoft.com and from Microsoft Office Online. Through these Web sites you'll also find articles about any alternative ways to achieve the same results. It can also be helpful to visit one of the following sites.

ShowAdditional Web sites for more information

  • Microsoft Web communities   Click Communities on the Visio Help task pane.
  • Visio-based Software and Database Modeling Solutions   Search for "Visio" at Microsoft.com.
  • Microsoft Visio Solution Providers   Search for "partners" at Microsoft.com.

For more information on improvements and new features, see Introducing Microsoft Office Visio 2003.

Updated features

Bullet Editing Stencils     The way to organize shapes you often use has changed in Microsoft Office Visio 2003. Instead of dragging shapes onto Visio stencils, you use the Add to My Shapes command on the shortcut menu to collect shapes on custom stencils.
Bullet Logical Network Diagram (Visio Professional)     The Logical Network Diagram template has been replaced with the new Detailed Network Diagram template, which provides updated, versatile shapes that meet the increasing requirements for network design and documentation.
Bullet Mind Mapping     The Mind Mapping template has been replaced by the Brainstorming template, which streamlines the process of adding topics, arranging topics, and formatting your diagram.
Bullet Process Engineering Custom Property Manager (Visio Professional)     This feature has been renamed Custom Property Sets and is now available in all templates. To find it, on the Tools menu, click Custom Property Sets.
Bullet Rotation tool     The Rotation tool has been replaced with rotation handles more like those used in other Microsoft Office products.
Bullet Sample Drawings     The sample drawings have been removed from Microsoft Office Visio 2003 and replaced with improved versions available from Microsoft Office Online.
Bullet Table shape     The Table shape on the Charting Shapes stencil has been replaced by the Grid shape. Table shapes in drawings made in a previous version of Visio and opened in Microsoft Office Visio 2003 retain their formatting, but the commands to change that formatting no longer work.
Bullet Windows User Interface template (Visio Professional)     The Windows User Interface template has been replaced with the Windows XP User Interface template. This template provides shapes designed according to Microsoft Windows XP user interface guidelines. You can quickly create polished prototypes of wizards, dialog boxes, application windows, and more.

Discontinued features

Bullet Data Flow Model Diagram Model Explorer (Visio Professional)    The Model Explorer has been removed from the Data Flow Model Diagram template.
Bullet Directory Services Directory Navigator (Visio Professional)    The Directory Navigator has been removed from the Directory Services Diagram template.
Bullet Forms    The Forms template has been removed.
Bullet Import Project Data Wizard    You can no longer import Microsoft Office Excel data, .txt, or .mpx files into a timeline, or convert data between a timeline and a Gantt chart, using the Import Project Data Wizard. You can still import Microsoft Office Project data, using the new Import Timeline Data Wizard, and you can also still use the Import Project Data Wizard, now available on the Gantt Chart menu, to create Gantt charts.
Bullet Import Flowchart Data wizard and Organization Chart 5.0 conversion utility    These features have been removed. To import data into a flowchart in Microsoft Office Visio 2003, you must first open the file in any version of Visio that has the feature you need and then save the file in that version. You can then open the file from within Microsoft Office Visio 2003.
Bullet VNE Sampler (Visio Professional)    The VNE Sampler shapes have been removed from Microsoft Office Visio 2003, but some equipment manufacturers may have shapes available on their Web sites.

File formats and converters    

The following file formats and converters are no longer supported:

  • Adobe Illustrator, AI
  • ABC Flow Charter 2.0, AF2
  • ABC Flow Charter 3.0, AF3
  • ABC Flow Charter 4.0, AF4
  • CorelDRAW! 3.0, CDR
  • CorelDRAW! 4.0, CDR
  • CorelDRAW! 5.0, CDR
  • CorelDRAW! 6.0, CDR
  • CorelDRAW! 7.0, CDR
  • CorelFLOW 2.0, CFL
  • Computer Graphics Metafile, CGM
  • Corel Clipart Format, CMX
  • Microstation, DGN
  • MicroGrafx Designer 3.1, DRW
  • MicroGrafx Designer 6.0 (English only), DSF
  • Encapsulated PostScript, EPS
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, IGS
  • ZSoft PC Paintbrush, PCX
  • Mac clipboard, PICT
  • PostScript, PS
  • Text files, TXT, Comma Sep. Value, CSV