Use the Outline Window in a brainstorming diagram

The Outline Window displays a hierarchical view of a brainstorming diagram in a tree structure. In this window you can quickly see the superior-subordinate relationships of topics. You can also create and revise your diagram from a central location.

The Outline Window opens by default with the Brainstorming Diagram template, but you can hide or move it.

Use this feature to help you organize your ideas in a linear view without affecting the appearance of your diagram. In addition, if you are planning to export your diagram to a Microsoft Office Word outline, the display you set in the Outline Window will be the order in which topics appear in the exported Word document. If you don't see the Outline Window, on the Brainstorming menu, click Outline Window.

Use the Outline Window to do any of the following:

ShowAdd topics

To add a topic, right-click a topic in the Outline Window, and then click Add Subtopic or Add Multiple Subtopics.To add a Main Topic, right-click "Drawing 1" (or the saved drawing file name), and then click Add Main Topic.

Changes are immediately reflected in your diagram.

 Note   You can have multiple main topics in a brainstorming diagram. Each main topic will appear at the same level in the hierarchy within the Outline Window.

ShowDelete topics

Right-click a topic, and then click Delete Topic. When you delete a topic in the Outline Window, the corresponding topic in the diagram is also deleted.

ShowChange topic text

Right-click the topic, click Rename, and then type. Changes are immediately reflected in your diagram.

ShowGo to a specific topic in the diagram

Either double-click the topic name in the Outline Window, or right-click the topic and then click Select on Page.

ShowMove a topic up or down within the Outline Window

Right-click the topic, and then click Move Up or Move Down.

 Note   This change is reflected only in the Outline Window. The topic position in your diagram remains unchanged.

ShowMake a topic subordinate to another topic

Drag the name of the topic you want to be subordinate directly on top of the name of the topic you want to be superior.

 Note   All subordinate topics move with the topic, and the changes are immediately reflected in your diagram.