Troubleshoot organization charts

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Some shapes in my organization chart are no longer connected to their superiors.

A position can report to only one manager. If you create a synchronized copy of a position, and then change that position so it reports to a different manager, its connection to its synchronized copy breaks. You can show additional reporting relationships for a position using the Dotted-line report shape.

My organization chart drawing file size is too large. Is it because I'm using pictures?

Adding pictures greatly increases file size. Here are some ways to reduce picture file size, and thereby reduce the overall file size of your organization chart:

 Tip   You can also compress pictures after you've added them by selecting a tool from the Picture toolbar, which automatically appears when you select a picture in your drawing. To select a picture, place the pointer on the picture, click the shape, and then click again to select the picture.

 Note   If you have synchronized copies that contain pictures, consider deleting pictures that appear more than once. Each time you repeat a picture you increase the drawing file size. For example, if you create a synchronized copy of a shape that contains a picture, the synchronized copy also includes a picture, so the drawing file size greatly increases with the number of synchronized copies.

I don't see pictures in synchronized copies.

Pictures are included in synchronized copies of shapes, so the picture might just be hidden. Right-click the shape you think should have a picture, and then click Show Picture.

It is also possible that the picture was deleted from the shape after the synchronized copy was created. To add the picture again, right-click the shape, and then click Insert Picture. Navigate to where the picture is stored, and then click Insert Picture.

When I use Visio 2003 to open an organization chart that I created with an earlier version of Visio, some formatting, text, and connectors are missing.

This problem has been corrected in Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Service Pack 1.

To get Visio 2003 Service Pack 1 or later, go to Downloads on Office Online. Under Office Update, click Check for Updates.

 Note   Visio 2003 organization charts use features that do not work in earlier versions of Visio. To keep your original organization chart file, make sure you save the updated organization chart with a new name: