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Shapes III: Let's talk about text

Organization chart

These shapes have fields that display employee information.

The text we've been showing you is text you type yourself. It's the most common text you'll use, and that's what this course focuses on. What this course won't dwell on (well, at least not beyond this page) is another kind of text that Visio "types" for you.

That special kind of text is called a field. A field is a special text area that instructs Visio to automatically display information. For example, you can insert a date field into a shape and Visio will automatically display the current date without you having to type it.

Fields can be especially handy when you use data in tandem with the diagram. For example, an organization chart might have data associated with it. The data might include employee names, departments, phone numbers, and so on. Then with the use of fields, the shapes could display these pieces of information automatically. You wouldn't have to type the information for each shape, which is pretty handy.

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