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Organization chart

An organization chart.

Organization charts, available in both Visio Standard and Visio Professional, are another type of diagram frequently used in business. An example is shown here.

Sure, the lines and shapes let you easily see the reporting structure of an organization. But here's where Visio really shines: You can also associate data with each shape in the diagram. Data for a shape is called custom properties. In the case of organization charts, you can select an employee shape, and then associate vital information like location, phone number, and department so that this data becomes part of the chart.

Another powerful reason for creating organization charts in Visio is that you can automatically create them by using information from a data source. For example, you can base an organization chart on a database, a Microsoft Excel workbook, or even your company's e-mail system (if it uses Microsoft Exchange Server). Just think: After a few clicks, your chart is made for you. You don't have to enter each name and title by hand. Like we said, Visio is intelligent.

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