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Shapes IV: Let's talk about text positioning

A shape enlarging, yet the text stays small

By default, shape text will not get bigger if you resize a shape to be bigger.

Another common question is: Can you resize text as you resize a shape? By default, no.

For example, in this illustration, notice that even though the shape gets bigger, the text size doesn't increase. It just has more room, so it gets rid of a few line breaks.

However, with a little extra work you can do this for some shapes. It requires modifying the ShapeSheet for the shape you want to resize. What is a ShapeSheet?

A ShapeSheet is a spreadsheet where information about a shape is stored. The ShapeSheet contains information such as height, width, angle, color, and other attributes that determine the shape's appearance and behavior. Each shape has a ShapeSheet, and if you modify it a little, you can cause a shape's text to change size as you make the shape larger or smaller.

We'll show you how in a practice session coming up.

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