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Shapes IV: Let's talk about text positioning

Text block for a shape

The text block for this server shape.

A text block is the text area associated with a shape. It's a separate part of the shape, yet it is attached to the shape. It's like a little label that's always hanging onto the shape. If you move the shape, the text block will move along with it.

An example of a text block is shown here. The text block for the shape is selected. But the entire shape is not.

How do you select just the text block? You use a special tool, called the Text Block Tool. This tool lets you select and manipulate the text block for a shape. You can move the text block, resize it, rotate it, and so on. And even after doing all these things, the text block will stay attached to the shape.

The next page will explain how to use the Text Block tool.

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