Export data from a brainstorming diagram

You can export brainstorming diagrams to a Microsoft Office Word or Excel file to work with the data in a linear format. You can also export brainstorming diagram data to an XML file that can be edited for use in other programs.

In addition to topic text, custom properties, hyperlink data, and topic associations are included in the export. Also, topics are exported in the hierarchy structure as it appears in the Outline Window.


  • To export brainstorming diagram data to Word or Excel, you must have Microsoft Office Word 2003 or Microsoft Office Excel 2003 installed.
  • Legend symbol information is not exported.
  1. On the Brainstorming menu, point to Export Data, and then click To Microsoft Word, To Microsoft Excel, or To XML.
  2. In the File Save dialog box, for File name, type a name for the file.

 Note   If you selected To Microsoft Word, or To Microsoft Excel in step 1, Word or Excel launches automatically and displays the exported data. If you selected To XML in step 1, your data is saved to an XML file you can open later and edit or use in another program.

 Tip   If you export to Word, you can view and edit your exported data in a hierarchical outline view. In Word, on the View menu, click Outline.