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Microsoft Office Outlook calendars are great in lots of ways. You can see and print your schedule for a day, week, or month. You can create group calendars. However, sometimes you need something more — a display-quality custom calendar, tailor-made for a specific purpose. That's when you'll want to see what the new Import Outlook Data Wizard in Microsoft Office Visio 2003 can deliver.

In this easy-to-use wizard, you choose the dates and even times you want the calendar to cover. You can also set a filter so the calendar displays only team meetings or training sessions. When you're finished feeding information to the wizard, it goes off and gathers appointment data from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002. Like magic, a formatted calendar complete with appointment times and titles appears on the drawing page. And, before you post the calendar or send it off to your boss for review, you can make it look even better by changing the color scheme and adding attention flags and other symbols to important appointments.

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Screen Action Audio Script
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is open, showing a work week schedule with several special project appointments scattered among other appointments. The pointer moves across the schedule, pausing briefly at the special project appointments. Because of competing priorities, Pamela, my manager, wants a picture of how much time I'll be spending in special project meetings over the next week and a half.
Outlook disappears, and Visio 2003 appears, showing a calendar open on the drawing page. Calendar shapes are visible on the left in the green Shapes window. The calendar is labelled Janet and Michael's Special Project Calendar. The pointer selects the calendar and then moves from left to right along the calendar's top edge. My schedule is in Outlook, but what I need is a custom calendar tailor-made to satisfy Pamela's request. Luckily, my company just purchased Visio 2003. I can use the next Import Outlook Data Wizard to deliver exactly what Pamela wants.
The calendar disappears and is replaced by a new, blank Visio drawing. Calendar shapes are visible on the left in the green Shapes window. On the Calendar menu, the pointer moves to Import Outlook Data Wizard. A wizard screen appears with fields for Start date, End date, Start time, and End time, and a button labelled Filter. The start date is 1/16/2006, and the end date is 1/25/2006. The start time is 8:00:00 A.M., and the end time is 5:00:00 P.M. The pointer moves to the Filter button. A dialog box opens. A check box labelled Subject contains is selected. Special project is typed in the text field. The pointer moves to the OK button in the dialog box, and then to the Next button on the wizard screen. The wizard screen disappears. In Visio, I open a Calendar template, and then start the Wizard. I choose dates and times that I want the calendar to cover. I also filter appointments to include only those related to the special projects.
A completed calendar covering the dates January 16–25, 2006 appears on the drawing page with special project appointments on it. The pointer right-clicks the drawing page, and then clicks Color Schemes on the shortcut menu. The calendar has a new blue, orange, and yellow color scheme. The pointer drags a red flag symbol from the Shapes window, resizes the symbol to make it smaller, and then puts the symbol inside the appointment for a special project training session from 10:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. on Tuesday. The pointer moves to and clicks the Fill Color button on the Formatting toolbar to add a dark orange color to the training session appointment. The partially formatted calendar disappears. After the wizard creates the calendar, I improve its appearance by changing the color scheme. I also use a symbol to flag a special project training session Pamela is hoping she'll have time to attend. I color my special project appointments to make them stand out in case Pamela adds other appointments to the calendar.
A fully-formatted calendar appears. The pointer moves to the training session appointment with the flag symbol in it and drags it from Tuesday to Wednesday. The flag symbol moves along with the appointment. The pointer right-clicks the appointment, and then, on the shortcut menu, points to Configure so the appointment time can be changed. The appointment is updated to reflect the new time of 3:00 - 4:30 P.M. As I'm finishing up my final touches, I learn that the training session I flagged has been rescheduled. I drag the appointment to its new day and reconfigure it for the new time.

On the File menu, the pointer moves to Send To, and then to Mail Recipient (as Attachment).

The pointer selects the calendar and then, on the Calendar menu, moves to Import Outlook Data Wizard. The Import Outlook Data Wizard screen appears with the Selected Visio calendar option selected. The pointer moves to the Next button at the bottom of the wizard screen.

Fifteen minutes after Pamela requested schedule information, I send her a tailor-made calendar as an e-mail attachment. She forwards the message to my colleague, Michael, who is also working on the special project. He opens the calendar and runs the wizard again to add his appointments along with mine.
The wizard screen disappears, and a completed, formatted calendar containing both Janet's and Michael's appointments appears. Janet's appointments are dark orange and Michael's are light blue. The pointer selects one of the blue-colored appointments and then one of the orange-colored ones. Then, it selects the training session appointment with the flag symbol in it. The pointer moves off the calendar onto the drawing page. Visio disappears. The animated text Experience Your Own Great Moments appears. Under it appears the static text For more information followed by a URL: In the final calendar, Pamela can immediately distinguish Michael's appointments from mine, and she can easily pick out the important training session. Now schedule yourself some time to learn about all the new features in Visio 2003 that will help you impress your manager.

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Applies to:
Outlook 2003, Visio 2003